The Inquiry of Losing You

from by Marcus Broderick Montgomery



So what if you have all this power over me?
So what if you were the only thing I wanted?
So what if I ended up giving you everything?
So what if after all the drama|trauma I end up haunted?
So what if I’ve loved & I’ve prayed & I’ve fought & I’ve lost?

I don’t miss who you are
I just miss what I saw
The vision was blurry
But the colors were bright
Now I only see scars
Left from my holding on
To your hands the potential
For my means to be justified

So what if you’re still the same person I met in the fall?
So what if I realize that I was only in love with an idea?
So what if now I see it clearly & I see it all?
So what if the time has come for me to make mySelf clear? So what if I don’t want to be in this mess with you anymore?

You’re just not capable
Of taking responsibility
For your part in this
For your feelings
& I held that against you
So perhaps then it’s no fable
That you did all you could do for me
Never mind my believing
That you simply chose not to comply

So what if this is goodbye after two long years?
So what if I’m falling apart over this & you’re just fine?
So what if your hurting me helped me to face my fears?
So what if I’m learning that there’s no such thing as wasted time?

So what if I honestly loved you & I honestly lost?
So what if I’m tired of drowning & this was my choice to breathe?
So what if I had to invest in mySelf & you were the cost?
So what if after all the suffering, this is our reprieve?

So what if this is the end;
For us?
For good?
For my own good?

This is The Inquiry of Losing You.


from The Inquiry of Losing You, released March 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Marcus Broderick Montgomery Chicago, Illinois

Intention (n.)
That flesh
from itSelf—
toward itSelf—
for itSelf—
What else is
Self Love?

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